You and Your Doctor

Illness can be a trying time, but at least you are not alone. Your doctor is with you all the way. But, to tackle your illness better, it is important that you both pull together. And this depends on constant dialogue and good communication.

How can you avoid misunderstandings and ducking of key issues? What can you do to ensure that your doctor meets your expectations as well as possible? Where and how can you obtain information of good quality? Why is it sometimes so difficult to accept a particular treatment or operation? How can you feel more at ease in this relationship?

Take charge of your own health

By expressing your needs and saying how you feel and also your preferences you contribute to improving the care you receive. When you understand what is happening to you, you start to play an active role in your care and your treatments. Through the experience of your illness and the knowledge you have acquired, you can take charge of your own health.

The HUG work in partnership with the patient at every stage of their treatment, in all medical areas and also through other activities such as finding hotel accommodation or undertaking research.

Practical advice

This page should help you to communicate with those looking after you and have your say in decisions affecting you. It offers you advice on forging a relationship of trust with them and on making the most of your consultation time.

Are you a patient or a helper and want to help improve life in hospital? Then come to our meetings where you can share your point of view on issues such as patient comfort, the medical relationship or even on hospital services and logistics. The objective of these meetings is to find solutions adapted to the needs of everyone.
For more information : Patients Partenaires (FR)


Vous et votre médecin

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