The Geneva region is a global magnet for biotechnology, life sciences and cutting edge medicine. At HUG, the spirit of innovation is expressed particularly in clinical research, conducted in close partnership with the University of Geneva Faculty of Medicine. HUG enjoys national and international recognition:

  • in seven areas of cutting edge medicine
  • as a WHO collaboration center in six disciplines

HUG Innovation is also (key figures 2016) :

  • 231 research groups
  • 1,268 publications in 2016
  • 178.2 million Swiss francs, including 28.8 million from the SNF and 54.4 million from private funds
  • 3 new patents filed
  • 4 patents marketed in 2015 and 1 in 2016
  • 9 start-ups created in 2015
  • 1 spin-off created in 2016

With their partners, every year HUG also organizes:

Innovation at HUG is also:

  • one of the most modern technical facilities in Europe

          Overall value: 319 million Swiss francs.
          Investments: 9 million Swiss francs in 2016.

HUG's spirit of innovation and pioneering is also expressed in areas where it is recognized as a center of excellence and collaboration by the WHO:

  • eHealth and Telemedicine
  • Therapeutic Education
  • Historical Research into Public Health
  • Patient Safety
  • Vaccinology
Last update : 20/09/2017