Clinical Research at HUG

Research activities are an integral part of HUG's mission, and are carried out in close collaboration with the University of Geneva Faculty of Medicine.

Thanks to research, HUG has achieved a high level of excellence in many cutting edge disciplines and plays a very active role in leading European and national research projects. 

Key Figures 2016

Overall budget of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva:

178.2 million francs including:

  • 95 million francs from the Department of Education (Geneva government)
  • 28.8 million francs from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)
  • 54.4 million francs from private funds

231 research groups

1268 articles published in medical Journals

In 2016, thanks to the HUG Private Foundation, the clinical research centre of Geneva University Hospitals and the Faculty of Medicine has supported six projects by young researchers covering a wide variety of themes such as acute colitis, impaired spatial memory, liver transplantation, vitamin D supplementation, human papillomavirus, or haplo-identical transplant, that is, an organ from a parent or a child