360° Photos

  • Osteoporosis: minimum radiation, maximum efficacy

    Comfort, intimacy and high technology for patients. Panoramic view and ergonomics for the medical and care staff. The new osteodensitometry system at HUG consisting of two identical machines installed parallel to each other, performs ultra-precise exams needed for the diagnosis and follow-up of osteoporosis.

  • A tumor can be irradiated to the nearest millimeter by the Radiation Oncology Division at HUG in Geneva

    To treat cancer effectively, the Radiation Oncology Division has a latest-generation linear accelerator. This cutting-edge equipment is highly precise, notably for radiological surgery on brain tumors, reducing the risk of touching neighboring healthy tissue.

  • Virtual visit of a “double” scan for a more advanced diagnosis in the Nuclear Medicine Division at HUG in Geneva

    The new SPECT/CT scanner, installed in March 2013 in the Nuclear Medicine Division, is a fast and high-performance machine. It combines two cutting-edge technologies, providing a 3D view of the body and an image of cell activity in a single pass. Superimposing these images allows the physician to make a more precise diagnosis.

  • 3D exploration of the spinal column used at HUG in Geneva

    The 3D navigation system, used to help in treating diseases - in this case scoliosis in a child - provides a very high degree of safety. The orientation of the instruments and implants in three spatial planes relies on the CT-scan imaging.

  • Cutting-edge radiology at the Emergency Room at HUG in Geneva

    The digitalization of the emergency room radiology is beneficial to patients: shorter exam periods, more reliable radiation doses and better quality images. Three new radiology rooms equipped with direct digital technology opened in April 2013.

  • A high-tech dummy for learning purposes at HUG in Geneva

    The SimulHUG program acquired the SimMan 3G, a dummy filled with electronic equipment. It automatically reacts to the injection of a drug, blinks, convulses and even sweats. Objective: improve the quality of care and the skills of the staff during training sessions that simulate operations or emergency situations.

  • Vital functions under close monitoring at the Intensive Care Division at HUG in Geneva

    Added comfort for patients, increased admissions capacity and an improvement in ergonomics for the care providers: the new intensive care facilities at HUG provide optimal quality care.

  • A high-tech urology room

    The new urology integrated room offers the surgeon video imaging and radiology in high definition, both at the same time: a unique technology in Switzerland.

  • Highly precise laser for perfect vision

    Nothing is too high-precision at the HUG for eye surgery. The femtosecond laser in the ophthalmology department cuts the cornea with a 0.05 millimeter diameter laser.

  • Breast cancer: radiation during surgery

    Perioperative radiation therapy is performed just after the removal of the tumor, during the same procedure, thereby offering a number of advantages.