360° Photos

  • Un laboratoire qui a du souffle

    Do you cough? Do you have shortness of breath? The Lung Function Laboratory at HUG has the necessary cutting-edge equipment for a complete exploration of ventilatory mechanics and gas exchanges. It is an essential step for
    diagnosing and monitoring respiratory diseases.

  • Bains de Cressy, une oasis de bien-être

    Located in Confignon, the HUG Healthcare and Balneotherapy Center has baths heated to 34°C/93.2°F, a fitness center and a relaxation area. A wide range of massages and cosmetic treatments are also available, and also water aerobics and yoga classes.

  • Des ultrasons contre le cancer de la prostate

    No incisions, no radiation, no hospitalization and less side effects: high-intensity ultrasound provides an improvement in the localized treatment of prostate cancer. The tumor is destroyed. The healthy part is preserved.

  • Radiologie haut de gamme aux Trois-Chêne

    Maximum comfort and optimal safety for geriatric patients, thanks to a new radiation facility opened in October 2014 at the Trois-Chêne Hospital. This latest-generation facility also benefits outpatients at HUG,
    who live in nearby communes.

  • Réapprendre la marche avec un robot

    The Lokomat helps patients with neurological disorders to recover more quickly the use of their legs during the initial rehabilitation phase. With this robot from the Neuro-Rehabilitation Division, they can perform up to 100 times more steps than with conventional therapy.

  • L’aptitude au volant mise à l’épreuve

    Traffic Medicine and Psychology Unit has a simulator to test the effects of alcohol, psychotropic drugs and even medication on driving. This field of research can extend to other areas, such as the repercussions of dialysis or a long workday.

  • La laparoscopie, sûre et esthétique

    Surgical removal of the bladder, inguinal hernia, colon, etc. Increasingly practiced, this surgical technique is performed with maximum safety and minimum recovery time. Small incisions (0.5 to 1 cm) reduce the risk of infection and give optimum aesthetic results.

  • Bilan avant la chirurgie de l’épilepsie

    HUG, the Swiss referral center for cases of difficult-to-treat epilepsy and preoperative assessment, has a new unit, made up of four rooms, where a battery of tests are performed before a potential surgical procedure.

  • Suivre une scoliose sans risque pour l’enfant

    Low-dose radiation, high-quality images, 3D reconstruction: three excellent reasons that have propelled the EOS to the position of being an outstanding radiology device. What does it do? Detects scoliosis, pelvic malformations and even alignment disorders affecting the lower extremities.

  • Accoucher (presque) comme à la maison

    The largest Swiss Maternity, with 4,127 births in 2013, has eight new delivery rooms since last year, two of which provide a “natural childbirth” environment. For the comfort of mothers: grips, balls and bathtubs are available.