Surgery Department


Mission of the Surgery Department

The Surgery Department provides 24/7 elective and emergency care, for patients with basic insurance and also patients with complementary or private insurance.

It is made up of eight medical divisions:

While the department divisions function autonomously, from a medical point of view and in terms of patient care, they are functionally and structurally linked to one another, in terms of the following aspects:

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching
  • Training of residents, career planning
  • Academic research activities
  • Use of common operating theaters
  • Handling of surgical emergencies, in particular as part of the CAU 
  • Humanitarian surgery
  • Common department budget

The department is a center of excellence in several areas and in several surgical specialties, not only at a Swiss level, but also a Europe level.

Each year, it welcomes dozens of outside visitors who come to do an advanced training course.

Certaines affections de la vessie, comme un cancer ou une perte de la fonction de vidange des urines peuvent nécessiter son ablation et son remplacement par un conduit appelé stomie.



Mission of the Urology Division

Urology is the surgical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the urogenital tract in men and of the urinary tract in women.

The HUG Urology Division is divided into two sectors: the polyclinic where more than 10,000 outpatient consultations occur every year, and the inpatient clinic where 1,500 patients per year receive care and surgery requiring hospitalization. Aside from providing treatment, the Urology Division also has two missions related to being part of the University Hospital: undergraduate teaching for medical students and postgraduate training of doctors, as well as research, which opens the way to the development of new treatments for urological disorders In order to do achieve this, 9 FMH urology specialists work together with the Head of Division, a Staff Physician, 4 Senior Residents and 7 Residents undergoing training. The medical team is assisted by nurses, paramedics and administrative staff, respectively consisting of 21 employees at the division (14 nurses and 7 nursing assistants) and 7 employees in the outpatient polyclinic (6 nurses and 1 nursing assistant), who are essential to the smooth running of the division. 

In terms of infrastructure, the Urology Division has 15 inpatient beds, and an outpatient polyclinic that has recently been fully renovated. Its specialized surgical unit is equipped, notably, with an integrated operating room "OR1", a latest generation lithotripter (EDAP TMS SONOLITH I-SYS) and XPS-120 Laser Greenlight. 

In order to provide more tailored and specific care, the activity of the Urology Division at HUG has been divided into several specialized consultations, including those that handle urinary calculi, cancer (uro-oncology), urinary incontinence (urodynamics and urogynecology), infertility and male impotence (andrology). In 2014, the division created the HUG Prostate Cancer Center in collaboration with many partner divisions within the hospital, and this center has a quality mark.

To achieve its mission both in the therapeutic field and in research, the Urology Division works together with several entities within HUG, including the Nephrology, Oncology, Pathology, Radiology and Transplant Divisions, as well as the Proctology Unit. Internationally, the division maintains a close partnership in robotic surgery with the University of California (Irvine) in the USA.

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