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Easing the transition to adulthood

In order to improve the care provided to teenagers and young adults suffering from cancer, HUG has created a specific oncology consultation.

avec Stéphanie Brousoz - Infirmière aux soins intensifs. Le personnel soignant des services de soins intensifs s'occupe de patients dont l’état est à ce point grave qu’ils ne peuvent être traités dans les autres services de l’hôpital.


Healthcare - 2017 Activity report

Developing the excellence of your care

Excelling for the patient is our daily commitment in order to offer each of you the best possible care, at the cutting edge of medicine.


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How much does a day in hospital cost? 

All healthcare areas and patients included, a day in hospital costs an average of 1,360 Swiss francs. From 800 Swiss francs in rehabilitation to 7,000 Swiss francs in intensive care, the cost (*) per patient varies depending on the use of the technical facilities and the type of care.