Cinq ans après le premier coup de pioche, le nouveau bâtiment d’hospitalisation Gustave Julliard accueille ses premiers patients. Le service de chirurgie cardio-vasculaire est l’un des premiers services concerné par le transfert de ses patients dans le nouveau bâtiment.

La pleine conscience est une pratique méditative aux bénéfices positifs sur la santé. Développée aux Etats-Unis dans les années 70, la pleine conscience a vu son champ d’application s’élargir au fil du temps.

At your side

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The hospital for Geneva residents

Partnering Geneva’s residents throughout their lives, HUG guarantees access to the best care for everyone. From neonatology to geriatrics through mental health and palliative medicine, it relies on a multidisciplinary approach to offer each patient care at the cutting edge of medical progress.

Thyroid surgery

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An unprecedented technique

Every day, someone has a thyroid operation at HUG. This organ is ablated in the case of cancer or suspected cancer, hyperthyroidism or goitre.

To reduce postoperative complications, HUG’s thoracic and endocrine surgery department uses angiography. This technique is used to control the function of the parathyroid glands during the operation.


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Keys to communication

Some 5,000 people in Geneva live with mental retardation. At HUG, they are welcomed and treated with particular care.

In 2016, a contact disability physician was designated and specific training provided to 140 healthcare providers from the emergency and internal medicine departments.


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Creation of a day hospital

Created in Beau-Séjour, a day hospital welcomes people suffering from nervous system disorders.

This outpatient care can take place following hospitalisation or an outpatient neuro-reeducation consultation. By combining their expertise, different professionals coordinate their therapies and concentrate them in a single place.