Increasing our competitiveness

The HUG are recognized as one of the cornerstones of healthcare in the Lake Geneva region. However, this position is not a given, and their competitiveness needs to be constantly reinforced to be able to face current challenges. In particular, these challenges include the opening of inter-cantonal borders, which is increasing patient mobility, increasingly selective and competitive calls for services from non-university cantons, and a particularly high private insurance rate among Geneva's population, requiring an appropriate response. But that's not all.

Strengthening collaboration within the Lake Geneva "Health Valley"

Since the late nineteenth century, French-speaking Switzerland - and particularly the Lake Geneva region - has become a major centre of global excellence in the field of healthcare. Growth sectors such as medtech and biotech have brought together nearly 750 companies and 20,000 employees as well as 500 university laboratories and 5000 researchers, all in a limited area.

Promoting job retention

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Some circumstances in life - illness, pain, treatment or pregnancy - can prevent an employee from exercising their professional activity. Absence from work, especially over a long period, can become a source of anxiety and cause the person to fear for their future. Aware of this problem, the HUG have implemented several solutions to facilitate the return to work and/or continued employment of their employees.

Health and safety for all

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At Geneva University Hospitals, maintaining the health of employees is a priority. The hospitals' staff health service consists of around twenty professionals, including three doctors, seven nurses and a clinical psychologist, offering listening, treatments and advice to employees looking for support.