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How much does a day in hospital cost? 

All healthcare areas and patients included, a day in hospital costs an average of 1,360 Swiss francs. From 800 Swiss francs in rehabilitation to 7,000 Swiss francs in intensive care, the cost (*) per patient varies depending on the use of the technical facilities and the type of care.



Diagnosing Alzheimer's

To diagnose Alzheimer’s disease, neuroimaging techniques (MRI, PET) may be used to determine certain biomarkers. However, this data remains incomplete.



Emulation : a central function

In the brain, the frontoparietal network is activated by very disparate tasks: planning and executing motor activities, eye movements, mental calculation, etc.



Cell Jetlag

A life disrupted by night work, long plane journeys or late nights could have impacts on health.

HUG and University of Geneva researchers studied the rhythm of alpha and beta pancreatic cells. These two hormones, which are responsible for the production of insulin and glucagon, regulate the blood glucose level.

Personalized health


Focus on the medicine of tomorrow

Personalized medicine is one of the avenues explored by HUG to advance therapies. This discipline consists in choosing the most suitable treatment according to the patient’s biological profile and the characteristics of their disease.

Seven projects linked to personalized medicine obtained funding in 2017 from :