New radiology rooms

In 2017, the Children’s hospital renewed its radiology rooms, affording particular care to the design of the equipment and configuration of the premises.

The aim was to make these spaces friendly and welcoming, using the light and the arrangement of the equipment to positively influence the young patients being examined.

Clinical Activities

The HUG Neurodiagnostic and Neurointerventional Division is responsible for diagnostic and invasive neuroradiology actions at HUG. The Division ensures patient care 24/7 in close collaboration with radiology services as well as the services of the Department of Clinical Neuroscience. Through these activities, the Division plays a key role in HUG's involvement in highly specialized medicine for diseases of the central nervous system in general.

The Division consists of two separate units which work closely together.


Our membership with the Swiss university hospitals network enables us to offer cutting-edge medical and paramedical training. The size of our facility (the biggest hospital in Switzerland) means we can combine academic instruction with clinical practice in nearly all areas of radiology to medical students coming from all over Switzerland and abroad.


We are active in all areas of diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology. We are responsible for providing basic radiology services (traditional radiology) and we also provide coordination, integration and teaching, with the intention of maintaining coherence in radiology as a single specialty. Aside from the classical investigations, we carry out CT scans, magnetic resonance imaging (with an "open" machine, which reduces patient discomfort), angiography, and 3D image reconstruction using computer applications.