Patient focus

trustQuality is all about our patients, who are the primary beneficiaries. It is therefore essential to include and involve them in the hospitals' quality approach, to collect their testimonies and work with them on implementing improvements.

1. Patient views


Together we are one

Day after day, year after year, we are proud of transforming our services and providing a high-quality university hospital for all.


Offering the best of medicine

Day after day, year after year, we are proud of transforming our services and providing the population with a high-quality university hospital.

Offrir le meilleur de la médecine


Innovate to get to what really matters: you!

What a year! So many innovations, so many new things! We are extremely proud to be able to offer the public a high-quality health centre, and to make sure it continues to progress.  

photo édito - rapport d'activité 2015

The HUG values

An institution's values are its beliefs.


The constant pursuit of quality and efficiency guides everyone's daily work.

The common goal of the institution's employees is to provide exceptional service at all levels - medical, nursing, administrative and logistical.


The HUG pursue innovation, excellence and performance in all their fields of activity, whether it be clinical, research or teaching. They work to maintain and develop their national and international reputation, particularly in important, cutting-edge fields.

Offering advanced services at the lowest cost

Offering the best care at the lowest cost: this is clearly the vocation of a public service institution like the HUG. In the field of rehabilitation treatment, as was previously the case for acute somatic care, changes to framework conditions, especially new pricing structures, means that flat rates will have to phased out to make way for billing based on the service received and the actual resources consumed for each patient. To achieve this, substantial work needs to be carried out on data collection and information processing.