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Creating partnerships for your well-being

Regardless of whether they're public or private, external collaborations are important, for joining forces and implementing valuable initiatives.


We are active in all areas of diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology. We are responsible for providing basic radiology services (traditional radiology) and we also provide coordination, integration and teaching, with the intention of maintaining coherence in radiology as a single specialty. Aside from the classical investigations, we carry out CT scans, magnetic resonance imaging (with an "open" machine, which reduces patient discomfort), angiography, and 3D image reconstruction using computer applications.

Projects and strategy

Initiated in the 2000s and translating into four-year plans, strategic thinking at HUG is being developed in the context of a society and a hospital sector undergoing profound change. In this context of increased competition between public hospitals and private clinics, HUG is making every effort to ensure high quality of care and sustainable funding.


Division research projects are oriented firstly according to the clinical characteristics of the units - along diagnostic and Interventional lines - and secondly by following general themes related to technologies and their nervous system applications.

Thus the service covers the following areas on a clinical level:


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Innovating to better care for you

Science continues to move forward thanks to your university hospital, which is investing in innovation to find future cures.