Cette vidéo montre comment est prise en charge, dans l'urgence, une personne atteinte d'un infarctus ou d'une angine de poitrine. On apprend également comment se déroulent les soins dans le service de cardiologie et quelles sont les précautions à prendre lors du retour à domicile.

Pulsations TV Novembre 2015 - Simple, efficace et en partie révolutionnaire, l’impression 3D a depuis ses premiers prototypes permis au monde de la santé d’imaginer de nouvelles perspectives.

Organization chart

In order to provide optimal care that's tailored to patient needs, HUG is structured according to the principle of decentralized medical activities and management.

Treatment, from emergency to rehabilitation, is provided by 13 medical departments, composed of 72 divisions.

Nine cross-disciplinary centers coordinate the specialties for the patient.

The Operations Division covers all logistical, technical and hospitality functions.

Your responsibilities

Respect for others and for the equipment

Please show respect for the staff, other patients and their visitors. No verbal or physical violence can be tolerated and may result in criminal prosecution. You are responsible for the hospital equipment placed at your disposal. Please treat it with care. You will be responsible for the cost of any deliberate damage you may cause.

The patient’s charter

HUG is committed to seven key points which demonstrate the high ethical principles of the professionals who work there.

The welcome is the first form of care
Anyone requiring treatment is admitted without any kind of discrimination concerning their origin, religion, opinions, illness or disabilities. Following an evaluation of their needs, they are directed towards the most suitable treatment.

Your treatment

Your allocated carers card

On arrival you will be given a card naming your assigned doctor and nurse. They are specifically responsible for your treatment and care and will monitor the progress of your health. If you do not receive this card, please ask. Your allocated healthcare workers may alternate on a shift system.