Improving your relationship

“ How can I improve relations with my doctor? ”

If you don’t feel at ease with your doctor, it is important to discuss this with him or her and explain if something doesn’t suit you. Be up-front about what you expect from the doctor (if you need to know more, seek reassurance etc.). Say how you feel (anxious, frightened etc.). Before changing your doctor, it’s worth taking the trouble to dispel any awkwardness by steering the dialogue towards your respective feelings and expectations.

You and your doctor

Vous et votre médecinIllness can be a trying time, but at least you are not alone. Your doctor is with you all the way. To best manage your health, it is important that you both collaborate. And this depends on dialogue and good communication.

Surgical activity

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In 2015, the growth in surgical activity, observed since 2011, slowed down (-0.3%), by reducing the patient base from the border. Of the 26,234 interventions carried out, 6905, or 26%, were in outpatient care.