Pulsations TV Avril 2015 - Une consultation à l’unité Santé Jeunes des HUG est un moment privilégié pour tous les adolescents qui trouvent ici une écoute irremplaçable. La sexualité des adolescents est toujours un sujet sensible.

Ce film s’adresse aux patients et à leurs proches. Les chutes peuvent aussi survenir lors d’un séjour à l’hôpital. Il a pour objectif d’informer afin de prévenir les risques de blessures lors d’un hospitalisation.

The ELIPS Program

Initiated by the HUG then deployed at all Swiss University Cardiology Centers, the ELIPS Program aims to reduce the risk of recurrence after myocardial infarction.

It complements the existing broad care apparatus in the divisions of Cardiology, Heart Surgery, Angiology and Hemostasis.

Major advances are expected from the transfer of research towards care in therapies based on stem cells or in the development of bio-valves.

Obesity Prevention and Care Program


Mission of the Obesity Prevention and Care Program

Obesity Prevention and Care Program aimed at preventing and treating obesity, which has become a major public health challenge due to the health problems and the morbidity that it generates.

Obesity Prevention and Care Program is an innovative program in Switzerland and serves as a model for:

  • Promoting present and future health,
  • Reducing the consequences and considerable costs caused by obesity.

The objectives

  • offer the optimal care of patients suffering from excess weight or obesity,
  • improve the training of care providers and encourage clinical research in this field,
  • promote physical activity and healthy eating among all hospital staff.

Future parents, children, grandparents, great-grandparents, and also governments, communities, healthcare institutions, schools and companies... each of these has a role to play.

Therapeutic education for chronic diseases


Mission of the Therapeutic Education for Chronic Diseases Division

  • Provide therapeutic education for patients with chronic diseases, in particular diabetes, obesity and associated conditions, in order to prevent complications.
  • Patient care takes into account the services provided by other HUG divisions, in particular the Endocrinology, Diabetology and Nutrition Division (for diabetes) and the Obesity Prevention and Care Program.
  • To offer psychoeducational expertise in patient therapeutic education to the HUG divisions responsible for the care of chronic diseases.

Brief guides to the services we provide

Perinatal Depression


Mission of the Perinatal Depression Program

  • Promote information, prevention, screening and treatment for perinatal depression, targeting professionals on the one hand and the general population on the other.
  • Create, update and distribute a Guide to the main places in Geneva that care for women suffering from perinatal depression and their children and relatives. 
  • Promote interdisciplinary collaboration and links between physical health and psychological health in treating women, with a view to providing perinatal continuity. 
  • Develop, at a canton level, prenatal interviewing for the prevention and screening of perinatal depression.
  • Improve patient referral and respond to the growing demand for specialized care for mothers and mothers-to-be.
  • Make “non-psychiatric” professionals aware of psychological issues and support them in the comprehensive care of the psychological health of women during the perinatal period.