Teaching at the medical level

The IPC Division is structured to provide quality training in infection prevention and control, and it welcomes many colleagues from all over the world every year.

Senior staff of the IPC Division participate in the pre-graduate teaching of microbiology and infectious diseases given to students of the Faculty of Medicine of Geneva. They are in charge of multiple seminars as well as courses dealing with subjects related to their specialty. They also conduct many hours of post-graduate teaching and participate in the training of student nurses.

Prevention and control of infection


Mission of the Infection Prevention and Control Division

The Infection Prevention and Control Division is responsible for the control and prevention of infections and reservoirs of drug-resistant microorganisms in hospitals. Preventing the risk of infection applies to patients, visitors and staff.

The main missions of this activity are: 

  • monitoring and prevention of hospital infections, also known as nosocomial or care-related, endemic infections; 
  • detection, investigation, correction and prevention of epidemic infections; 
  • control of resistance to and the use of anti-infectious agents, with regard to multi-drug-resistant microorganisms; 
  • training, teaching and educating medical and health care personnel in the field; 
  • resolution of hospital hygiene problems by tailoring recommendations to the specific characteristics of sectors; 
  • improving quality of care and medical/health care and technical procedures with regard to the risk of infection; 
  • applied research and the development of preventive measures; 
  • promoting quality of care and professional knowledge applied to the field of infection prevention.

The IPCD also has a consulting service that extends to the environment and building hygiene sector.

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Gynecological check-up

The HUG Gynecology Division welcomes women who want to undergo a gynecological check-up.

The gynecological check-up: your annual prevention and screening appointment

The gynecological check-up is an important appointment, because it lets you and your doctor focus on your gynecological health and discuss: