Quality and safety

Your identity wristband

Upon admission, you receive a wristband with your surname, first names, sex and date of birth, which must be worn on the wrist. This wristband contributes to the safety of your care, by helping to verify your identity when you receive treatment or undergo an examination. During your stay, your identity is verified many times.

Your responsibilities

Respect for others and for the equipment

Please show respect for the staff, other patients and their visitors. No verbal or physical violence can be tolerated and may result in criminal prosecution. You are responsible for the hospital equipment placed at your disposal. Please treat it with care. You will be responsible for the cost of any deliberate damage you may cause.

Patients’ stories

Health problems inevitably raise questions, fears and even anxieties. Who better to give you an account of what to expect than someone who has personally experienced a situation very similar to yours?

In this section you can share the personal experiences of patients in two ways:

  • by watching their unscripted video testimonies to camera
  • by reading their interviews with HUG journalists, particularly in the magazine Pulsations

Your Hospital Stay at HUG

Your hospital stay at HUG Are you or one of your relatives going to be admitted to HUG? The entire medical, nursing, hotel and administrative staff will do everything possible to ensure you receive the highest quality treatment and services. These pages were created with you and your friends and family in mind, to make your stay easier.

Preparing for hospital

Drop in beforehand!

As soon as you know the date of your admission to hospital, we advise you to drop in to our Admissions Office a few days in advance, if your state of health permits. This gives you a chance to complete the administrative formalities and save yourself the trouble on the day of your admission to hospital.

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Medical documents

Please remember to bring medical documents which may facilitate your treatment and save repeat examinations (x-rays, prescriptions, list of medicines etc.).

Reception points

Our receptionists are recognizable by their blue uniforms. They are at your service in the entrance halls of the various sites. They will guide and inform you.