General Anesthesia

Frequently-Asked Questions

The anesthesiologist has decided on general anesthesia with you. This document presents an overview of important information you were given during the pre-anesthesia appointment.

Understanding the information

“ I don’t always understand my doctor’s explanations. Should I mention this? ”

Your doctor is under an obligation to give you clear, comprehensible information, and must seek to do so. The aim is to enable you to make an informed decision on whether to pursue a treatment or to act on a medical recommendation. Your doctor must give you up-to-date information, commensurate with your needs. These may vary from one consultation to the next.

Perinatal Depression


Mission of the Perinatal Depression Program

  • Promote information, prevention, screening and treatment for perinatal depression, targeting professionals on the one hand and the general population on the other.
  • Create, update and distribute a Guide to the main places in Geneva that care for women suffering from perinatal depression and their children and relatives. 
  • Promote interdisciplinary collaboration and links between physical health and psychological health in treating women, with a view to providing perinatal continuity. 
  • Develop, at a canton level, prenatal interviewing for the prevention and screening of perinatal depression.
  • Improve patient referral and respond to the growing demand for specialized care for mothers and mothers-to-be.
  • Make “non-psychiatric” professionals aware of psychological issues and support them in the comprehensive care of the psychological health of women during the perinatal period.


General public, media professionals, patients: HUG is committed to providing everyone with the most complete information possible according to their needs and questions.

HUG offers a variety of communication media, ranging from institutional brochures to very specific information to patients, via the Pulse magazine or many videos.

These documents can be viewed online or downloaded.