Cette vidéo montre comment est prise en charge, dans l'urgence, une personne atteinte d'un infarctus ou d'une angine de poitrine. On apprend également comment se déroulent les soins dans le service de cardiologie et quelles sont les précautions à prendre lors du retour à domicile.

La scintigraphie cardiaque est un examen radiologique permettant d'étudier les artères coronaires et la vitalité du cœur. Elle aide à diagnostiquer un infarctus ou une diminution de l'apport sanguin dans une partie du cœur.



Mission of the ELIPS® Program

Fighting infarction and atherosclerosis

Some 10,000 people die each year in Switzerland from myocardial infarction. Furthermore, 1 in 7 relapse in the following year! Infarction is a common and serious complication of a chronic disease: atherosclerosis.

Therapeutic progress has certainly improved treatment and has shortened the length of stay in the hospital. However, relapses depend on treatment adherence

In view of this observation, the HUG has decided to launch a therapeutic education program, called ELIPS®. 

Preventing relapse


Cardiology is the medical specialty that studies the heart and its diseases. By extension, it is also concerned with vascular problems.


The ELIPS Program

Initiated by the HUG then deployed at all Swiss University Cardiology Centers, the ELIPS Program aims to reduce the risk of recurrence after myocardial infarction.

It complements the existing broad care apparatus in the divisions of Cardiology, Heart Surgery, Angiology and Hemostasis.

Major advances are expected from the transfer of research towards care in therapies based on stem cells or in the development of bio-valves.