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Maximum safety for chemotherapy

Switzerland's first robot capable of preparing chemotherapy has been installed at the HUG pharmacy. It is the final step towards completely secure cancer treatment after the introduction of electronic prescriptions and electronic verification at the bedside.


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New washing tunnels

This equipment may not be of a medical nature, but it contributes to the quality of care and patient comfort. These washing tunnels offer an industrial approach to laundry - especially sheets, towels, nightshirts and dressing gowns - from the hospital itself as well as other cantonal health facilities.


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A new bracelet featuring a Damatrix code

Thanks to the new patient ID bracelet developed by the IS Division, the HUG are working to eradicate identity errors throughout the treatment process.

Robotic surgery

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A new development with the latest Da Vinci

In western Switzerland, the first next-generation Da Vinci robot (Xi model) was installed at the HUG. Compared to the SI model, this robot provides many technical advances in terms of mobility and finesse of intervention.


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Modernisation of the technical platform

To make sure patients are treated in complete safety, the ergonomics of operating rooms is paramount. In 2015, ophthalmology redesigned two rooms by optimising the positioning of each party present (patient, doctors, nurses, mobile equipment) and by modernising equipment (computerised anaesthetic machines, surgical lighting with video system, microscopes, and so on.).


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Modernising our equipment to benefit your health

Without technology, nothing is possible. The HUG boast highly reliable and advanced facilities in terms of operating theatres and imaging, as well as biomedical and laboratory equipment.



On the 2015 roll of honor

Whether through election to a scientific society, an honorary award or a prestigious publication, several employees of Geneva University Hospitals - from all departments - have found themselves centre stage. Some examples.