Synergies - 2017 Activity Report

Combining our strengths for your good

Working together with public or private partners increases our ability to implement initiatives that are meaningful to you.


Infrastructure - 2017 Activity Report

Investing in and transforming your hospital

In the space of a few years, the State of Geneva has invested 550 million Swiss francs in vast projects that have shaped your hospital of the future.



Modernising our equipment to offer high-performance medicine

HUG has state-of-the-art technical facilities in terms of operating theatres, imaging, biomedical and laboratory equipment.


Distiction - rapport d'activité 2016

The 2017 honors roll

Whether through a nomination to an academic society, an honorary award or a prestigious publication, several HUG members of staff from a variety of disciplines have been in the limelight. Here is a selection.


Healthcare - 2017 Activity report

Developing the excellence of your care

Excelling for the patient is our daily commitment in order to offer each of you the best possible care, at the cutting edge of medicine.


Strategy - 2017 Activity Report

Your hospital by 2020

At the cutting edge of medicine, HUG works for the well-being and health of everyone. Open to the world and committed to the community, day after day it strives to be the best for you.