The undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and training activities in emergency medicine for the medical and paramedical professions are provided by the HUG Emergency Room.

These duties include various training programs and courses, issued under the auspices of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva, HUG and the Swiss Society for Emergency and Rescue Medicine (SSMUS).

avec Stéphanie Brousoz - Infirmière aux soins intensifs. Le personnel soignant des services de soins intensifs s'occupe de patients dont l’état est à ce point grave qu’ils ne peuvent être traités dans les autres services de l’hôpital.

Research and Teaching

The Center's mission is to organize and promote multidisciplinary postgraduate training in medical genetics.

In order to promote research and exchanges between specialists, it wants to develop anetwork of doctors and biologists at HUG who are particularly involved in genetic medicine. Establishing a monthly multidisciplinary seminar will contribute to these exchanges as well as joint projects in clinical research.

Its mission is also to implement clinical research protocols.



Research and Teaching

The Medical Center for the Aging implements various research programs.

It also contributes to establishing multidisciplinary postgraduate training in geriatrics and gerontology. This is interdepartmental training for doctors wishing to complete in-depth training in geriatrics and obtain a specialized FMH title in this field.


The Oncology Division is involved in the training of future doctors, specialists in oncology and provides continuing education for general practitioners.

Pre-Graduate Training

Pre-Graduate training provided by senior physicians in the Oncology Division is primarily intended for students in human medicine but also other health-related professions.
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Postgraduate Training