Medical and nursing training

Center for Continuing Education - sessions given twice a year:

  • "Venous and arterial ulcers": two dates per year (see offerings of the Training Center)
  • "Bedsores: new approaches in prevention and care": two dates per year
  • "Bedsores and bandages: self-help intervention in prevention": two dates per year


The development of adolescent medicine education is one of the mandates of HUG's cross-disciplinary adolescent and young adult program, and has been a priority in the unit since its creation. Senior physicians are actively involved in teaching, locally, nationally and internationally. They are regularly invited to lectures and conferences (FR).


The Geriatric Division is closely involved in the teaching of medical students (Introductory Unit to the Clinical Approach, teaching in the clinical setting and participation in numerous committees) and in the organization of postgraduate training on the Trois-Chêne site.

Undergraduate training

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