Postgraduate Training


The HUG Hematology Division participates in the undergraduate and postgraduate training of physicians. 

Undergraduate training 

Physicians of the Hematology Division participate in the following training modules of the Geneva Faculty of Medicine:

  • Defense and immunity (3rd year of Bachelor)
  • Fatigue and anemia (practical training at the internal medicine clinic)



The HUG Rheumatology Division organizes postgraduate training seminars open to doctors in private practice.

2nd Semester 2016 Program

  • Thursday October 13
  • Thursday November 3
  • Thursday December 1

Detailed information on speakers and topics are available two weeks before the conference.


An Educating Role 

Thoracic and Endocrine Surgery Division also has a teaching role for students at the University of Geneva Faculty of Medicine. In the framework of undergraduate studies, the division receives students through clinical internships and training emergency care physicians. In addition, it provides leadership in fundamental and clinical research work in the Masters program. Finally, the division admits surgeons in their rotation year for research purposes.


The Pediatrics Division works with 47 Residents and 43 Senior Residents. Every year, it takes on approximately 16 new Residents for training. The division has a total of 87 instructors.  

After their training, the Residents can choose from several careers:


The Division offers a postgraduate education program for physicians who wish to specialize in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.


Every year, the division accepts 5th year medical students for forums and practical training in the clinic. Teaching is conducted by senior physicians of the division, the associate physicians and the consulting physicians.

Postgraduate teaching (FR) is based on: