Continuing Education


The HUG Hematology Division participates in the undergraduate and postgraduate training of physicians. 

Undergraduate training 

Physicians of the Hematology Division participate in the following training modules of the Geneva Faculty of Medicine:

  • Defense and immunity (3rd year of Bachelor)
  • Fatigue and anemia (practical training at the internal medicine clinic)



Continuing medical training (SPGFMC)

The Adult Psychiatry Unit has its own continuing medical training program that provides more independence and visibility for its essential missions as a university division, and supporting continuing education for doctors, particularly in the community.

To achieve this, a three-part program has been set up:


The Cardiology Division fulfills several educational missions.

Pre-graduate Training

This involves students studying to be doctors, but also for all professions linked to the field of health, such as nurses, physiotherapists, and others.

Postgraduate Training 

Aimed at future cardiology specialists. It is therefore particularly important to ensure university recruitment and to guarantee high quality medical practice.


Trois-Chêne SMI-R is actively involved in medical student education (Introduction to Clinical Procedures unit, clinical skills program, learning in a clinical environment and participation in a number of committees), and in organizing on-site postgraduate training at Trois-Chêne.

Pre-graduate Training

Who to contact?

Introduction to Clinical Procedures Unit - UIDC
Head of Block IV Neuropsychogeriatrics: Prof. Gabriel Gold: +41 79 55 38 235
Administrative Office: Mrs. Brigitte Faleur: +41 79 55 38 330