The Division is a category A training location for in-depth training in diagnostic and invasive neuroradiology.

Pre-Graduate - The Division is involved in teaching at the University of Geneva Faculty of Medicine and the HES-SO Geneva.

Bachelor's - Electives: the Division currently offers two electives, one in diagnostic neuroradiology (headed by: Dr. S. Haller) and one in interventional neuroradiology (headed by: Dr. Z. Kulcsar).

APP - The Division participates in Prof. J. Kiss' anatomy classes.

Research and Teaching

The Medical Center for the Aging implements various research programs.

It also contributes to establishing multidisciplinary postgraduate training in geriatrics and gerontology. This is interdepartmental training for doctors wishing to complete in-depth training in geriatrics and obtain a specialized FMH title in this field.

Research and Teaching

The Center's mission is to organize and promote multidisciplinary postgraduate training in medical genetics.

In order to promote research and exchanges between specialists, it wants to develop anetwork of doctors and biologists at HUG who are particularly involved in genetic medicine. Establishing a monthly multidisciplinary seminar will contribute to these exchanges as well as joint projects in clinical research.

Its mission is also to implement clinical research protocols.



Attracting and retaining talent

To attract and retain talent, every employee needs to feel fulfilled at work. This means recognising and enhancing their individual skills, creating a motivating environment, and providing a strong incentive to make progress in their career or to progress within the HUG, as well as paying special attention to achieving work-life balance.