The Thoracic and Endocrine Surgery Division fulfills several teaching missions.

Undergraduate education

This includes future medical students, as well as those studying any professions related to the health field, such as nurses, physical therapists, and others.

2. Training in quality and safety

The HUG has developed academic training courses for the benefit of its healthcare staff. A "CAS in quality and safety of care: operational aspects" is offered to all front-line staff; and a "DAS in quality and safety of care: managerial aspects" has been created for managers and teachers/researchers. These courses are also open to other institutions, and promote networking between professionals.

Training programs are open to all medical professionals and support the pursuit of quality at the HUG.


Training is one of the HUG's key missions, conducted in collaboration with the University and Higher Education institutions.

Human resources

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A leading economic player, HUG employs 11,148 people, which is equivalent to 9,312.9 full-time jobs. This figure is rising in line with the integration of the Joli-Mont and Montana Clinics. Seven out of ten staff members are female. Four out of ten employees work part-time. In 2016, HUG hired 907 people.


Training is one of HUG’s missions carried out in collaboration with the University and specialist higher education institutions