The Division is a category A training location for in-depth training in diagnostic and invasive neuroradiology.

Pre-Graduate - The Division is involved in teaching at the University of Geneva Faculty of Medicine and the HES-SO Geneva.

Bachelor's - Electives: the Division currently offers two electives, one in diagnostic neuroradiology (headed by: Dr. S. Haller) and one in interventional neuroradiology (headed by: Dr. Z. Kulcsar).

APP - The Division participates in Prof. J. Kiss' anatomy classes.


Our membership with the Swiss university hospitals network enables us to offer cutting-edge medical and paramedical training. The size of our facility (the biggest hospital in Switzerland) means we can combine academic instruction with clinical practice in nearly all areas of radiology to medical students coming from all over Switzerland and abroad.


Medical and nursing training

Center for Continuing Education - sessions given twice a year:

  • "Venous and arterial ulcers": two dates per year (see offerings of the Training Center)
  • "Bedsores: new approaches in prevention and care": two dates per year
  • "Bedsores and bandages: self-help intervention in prevention": two dates per year


The Beau-Séjour Division of Rehabilitation and  Internal Medicine (SMIR Beau-Séjour) has been recognized by the FMH as being Level A for training in general internal medicine.

Pre-graduate Education

Senior and university physicians at the Beau-Séjour SMIR are heavily involved in pre-graduate education and specifically in the following courses:


The Development and Growth Division participates in the training of doctors, future doctors and specialist care providers in the following contexts:

  • Undergraduate training
  • Postgraduate training
  • Symposia


The Pediatric Specialties Division participates in undergraduate and postgraduate training and the continuing education of doctors and future doctors in each of the following specialties:


Undergraduate teaching

The Pediatric Orthopedics Division contributes to undergraduate teaching for students at the Faculty of Medicine of Geneva: bedside seminars, case illustrations in pediatric orthopedics, e-learning, Masters.

Postgraduate training

The Pediatric Orthopedics Division contributes to postgraduate teaching.