Pediatric Cardiology

Attending Physician
Prof. Maurice Beghetti


The Pediatric Cardiology Unit cares for fetuses (in collaboration with obstetricians), newborns, children and adolescents with congenital or acquired heart disease.

It performs the assessment and diagnosis, and determines the treatment.

Practical info

Pediatric Cardiology Unit
Children's Hospital
Rue Willy Donzé 6
1205 Genève

Medical Activities

The General Pediatrics Division cares for all pediatric pathologies. It is multidisciplinary, drawing on a pool of residents and senior residents, accompanied by experienced senior physicians.

It is structured into several units and offers various types of consultations and specialized programs:

Pediatric Intensive Care

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit has 12 beds. Your child can be admitted there for care or continuous monitoring.

It is normal for you to be worried. These pages are intended to familiarize you with the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and how it works, and to reassure you.


The pediatric admissions and emergencies division conducts clinical studies to achieve a better understanding of the pathogenesis of certain diseases and to improve diagnosis.

Ongoing studies are about:

  • Treating children under 3 years old with febrile conditions without a focus
  • Comparing two types of sutures for wounds (absorbable versus  non-absorbable)
  • The effect of cold on improving spasmodic croup in children
  • Flu diagnosis criteria in children
  • Drug allergies in children
  • Viral meningitis

Medical activities

The Pediatric Admissions and Emergency Division is open 24/7.

It admits children from birth up to 16 years of age.

The medical and paramedical services offered optimally meet the requirements of the Geneva, neighboring French and other canton populations, whether these be vital, relative or perceived emergencies.

The service is part of the Department of Women-Children-Teenagers.