Le rein n’est pas seulement le filtre de notre corps. Impliqué dans de nombreux équilibres, sa fonction est essentielle.

Les raisons qui poussent le rein à dysfonctionner sont multiples. Parmi elles, le diabète et l’hypertension qui touche plus d'un patient sur 2.

What to eat before and during the dialysis

Snacks and dietetic food

A light meal is recommended before your dialysis. At the beginning of the session you can have a snack, as previously prepared by the nutritionist.

You are allowed to bring your own snacks. Usually limited food (banana, grapes, chocolate, etc.) may be ingested during the first hour of your treatment. However, eating during dialysis increases the risk of hypotension, especially in elderly and diabetic patients.

Be careful and get advice from the nurse.

Treatment for Renal Insufficiency

centre de dyaliseOur doctor has prescribed dialysis which is a substitution treatment, that is to say a treatment replacing the kidneys’ usual function. For each and every one of you, the beginning of a dialysis treatment is a significant life change.

Our goal is to facilitate communication with you to ensure a quality treatment, as well as a life as balanced as possible.