The couple

Becoming parents, staying a couple

The arrival of a child brings many changes to everyday life. It can cause upheavals to emotions, relationships and intimacy. A time of adjustment is needed to find the right balance and reconcile parenthood and married life.


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Keys to communication

Some 5,000 people in Geneva live with mental retardation. At HUG, they are welcomed and treated with particular care.

In 2016, a contact disability physician was designated and specific training provided to 140 healthcare providers from the emergency and internal medicine departments.

You and your doctor

Vous et votre médecinIllness can be a trying time, but at least you are not alone. Your doctor is with you all the way. To best manage your health, it is important that you both collaborate. And this depends on dialogue and good communication.

06 More time for patients

Plus de temps pour les patients - Projets stratégique

Better division of labour between administrative staff and medical caregivers means that more time can be allocated to interaction with patients.

Chatting and being kept informed are among patients' legitimate expectations of their caregivers. This takes time; time which can be spared by establishing a better balance of activities.