Annie S. est infirmière en chirurgie aux HUG depuis 30 ans. Passionnée par le relationnel, elle met toute son expérience au service des patients et de ses collègues au quotidien. Un quotidien où chaque jour est unique.

Pulsations TV Novembre 2015 - Simple, efficace et en partie révolutionnaire, l’impression 3D a depuis ses premiers prototypes permis au monde de la santé d’imaginer de nouvelles perspectives.

Surgery Department


Mission of the Surgery Department

The Surgery Department provides 24/7 elective and emergency care, for patients with basic insurance and also patients with complementary or private insurance.

It is made up of eight medical divisions:

While the department divisions function autonomously, from a medical point of view and in terms of patient care, they are functionally and structurally linked to one another, in terms of the following aspects:

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching
  • Training of residents, career planning
  • Academic research activities
  • Use of common operating theaters
  • Handling of surgical emergencies, in particular as part of the CAU 
  • Humanitarian surgery
  • Common department budget

The department is a center of excellence in several areas and in several surgical specialties, not only at a Swiss level, but also a Europe level.

Each year, it welcomes dozens of outside visitors who come to do an advanced training course.

Certaines affections de la vessie, comme un cancer ou une perte de la fonction de vidange des urines peuvent nécessiter son ablation et son remplacement par un conduit appelé stomie.



Mission of the Anesthesiology Division 

  • Ensure the comfort and safety of patients during medical or surgical procedures
  • Take responsibility in anesthesiology by providing post-graduate training to specialist nurses and doctors
  • Ensure pain relief management for women in labor      
  • Reduce, in collaboration with surgical teams, the physiological and psychological effects of surgical procedures and other medical procedures throughout the treatment and during the first 24 hours             
  • Manage, within the framework of a collaboration with the Health Brigade, intra-hospital life-threatening emergencies, and participate in pre-hospital emergency care for the canton of Geneva                
  • Participate in pain treatment from the moment the patient leaves the recovery room under the medical responsibility of the heads of the Surgery Division according to the negotiated delegation of powers           
  • Participate in the management of chronic pain, by offering the interventional pain relief services in collaboration with other medical teams        
  • Develop research contributing to innovations in anesthesiology         
  • Support innovations in other medical specialties by contributing to patient comfort and safety