Focus on 2025

AC10 – surgical activities in ten years: this is HUG’s vast project to respond to the 1% annual increase in the population’s needs. The project’s first milestone: the opening in 2017 of six new operating theatres, including two equipped with a robot, in the Gustave Julliard building.

Other steps are planned with:

Scar care

Scar careWHAT is the OBJECTIVE?

Your child was treated at the wound clinic following surgery or an accident. This brochure explains what you have to do to make sure the scar heals well.




Le cœur est l’un des organes les plus essentiels du corps humain. Un muscle sensible à nos modes de vie, à nos habitudes de consommation, et qui bat en moyenne 100 000 fois par jour.

Surgery and medicine

logo Infrastructures

Fitting out the Julliard Building

HUG received the keys to the new Gustave Julliard hospital building in late 2016.

Tests had been carried out since June in a pilot unit with a view to checking the equipment with the healthcare practitioners and making the final equipment choices.

Thyroid surgery

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An unprecedented technique

Every day, someone has a thyroid operation at HUG. This organ is ablated in the case of cancer or suspected cancer, hyperthyroidism or goitre.

To reduce postoperative complications, HUG’s thoracic and endocrine surgery department uses angiography. This technique is used to control the function of the parathyroid glands during the operation.