Cancer Center


Mission of the Cancer Center

The Cancer Center, formerly called the Oncology Center, was created in 2012 as one of the HUG Centers of Excellence
Its mission is to connect the different medical divisions dealing with medical and surgical cancer care in order to pool the manifold skills available.

For each type of cancer, the Cancer Center has set up tumour boards and specialized cancer treatment centers.

In the tumour boards, dedicated multidisciplinary expert teams discuss patient cases. Their mission is to provide the best therapeutic strategy for every patient and to ensure, within the hospital, the most personalized treatment each patient needs.

The specialized centers mission is to provide optimal quality and to organize the best care at each step in the treatment program. Some of these centers (breast center and prostate cancer center) received formal accreditation from external official organizations.



A public-private partnership

In January 2017, HUG and the La Tour Group signed an agreement looking to give all cancer patients in the Canton the possibility of being treated near their home in a unit equipped with comprehensive technical facilities.

Jules and Albert Doret Fund


Mission of the Jules and Albert Doret Fund

Providing general support and assistance to cancer patients at the HUG

“Let’s add life to days rather than days to life”

The Jules and Albert Doret Fund is a bit of an exception, because unlike most other funds, it is not intended to support medical research in a given field. It provides moral and financial assistance to HUG patients with very advanced cancer. It tries to offset, in case of material insecurity, their daily worries through one-time financial contributions.

Message from Mr. Jan Doret

“Today, the Board of the Fund is very concerned: in five years, its resources will be exhausted. This is unacceptable for the patients to whom it provides help as well as for the medical personnel who dispense it. It is also unacceptable for the memory of its founder.

A member of the family must sit on the Board to perpetuate the spirit: that is why I have the pleasure of spending time among individuals of great dedication and skill, even though I have no medical qualifications to deserve this honor.    

Today we make an urgent and pressing appeal for donations to all individuals and organizations. Please answer the call to contribute to the sustainability of that which this Board considers essential for these patients and their dignity. Help them win their last game against despair, even when there is no more hope.”

Message from Prof. Pierre-Yves Dietrich

“The Doret Fund provides assistance to patients in their daily lives. The progress made in recent years has a hidden side. Some patients live longer with their disease, even though it be advanced, creating new needs during hospitalizations. Patients must endure the disease and the treatments, and must also prepare to face the outside world when they leave the hospital. With the support of the Doret Fund, several actions are carried out at the HUG, such as physical activity classes, dietary information, massages, reflexology, art therapy, makeup classes, and many more, to help the patient go through these steps with greater serenity.

Because of its duration, the disease also plunges many patients and their families into poverty, a situation that seems unthinkable in our society. And yet this problem is constantly growing! In collaboration with the care teams, each year the Doret Fund provides numerous solutions, a usually one-time assistance that makes it possible to get through a stage that seemed insurmountable. More than just financial assistance, the Doret Fund is a true partner in improving the quality of life of cancer patients.”

Origin of the Fund

This fund was created in 1984 by a bequest from Ms. Marguerite Doret, great-aunt of Mr. Jan Doret (representative of the Fund’s management committee), in memory of her husband Jules and their son Albert, who both died of cancer.