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Different brains

Babies born before the 28th week of pregnancy rarely present serious cerebral lesions thanks to hospital care. However, they have difficulty at school, learn less well, demonstrate lower levels of concentration and find it difficult to interpret emotions.

Sudden infant death

Sudden infant death refers to the sudden and unexpected death of a baby under one year of age while sleeping. To date, the causes are still unknown.

However the following recommendations significantly reduce the risk:

Flat head

The skull of the infant is flexible and may become flat if the baby is laid too often on its back. While positional plagiocephaly or “flat head syndrome” is unsightly for the head, it has no effect on the development of the brain.

Bottle feeding

L’alimentation au biberonFor personal or medical reasons, you have decided not to breastfeed or to stop breastfeeding.

In the absence of stimulation, the amount of milk you produce will diminish. However, if lactation does not stop on its own, or if your breasts are sore, talk to the maternity team or your midwife.