Seven Areas of Excellence

Among all medical specialties practiced at HUG, seven priority areas have been defined in the Strategic Plan 2010-2015. Some of them were coupled with the establishment of a center.

Priority given to these areas is achieved by allocating operating resources, investment and research. This is accompanied by a demand for excellence in patient care, research and the preparation of medical reports.

Their choice was determined according to various criteria. Public health issues were taken into account, but also the competitive advantages specific to HUG (in terms of attractiveness of hospital care, capacity for teams to innovate and publish, peer recognition, etc.) the degree of competition in Switzerland and the positioning of other university hospitals in Switzerland.

Complex disorders in children and adolescents

Several pediatric specialties at HUG are reference points in French-speaking Switzerland:

  • onco-hematology,
  • cardio-pediatrics,
  • pediatric surgery (HUG is the only hospital in Switzerland to perform liver transplants in children),
  • neonatal and pediatric intensive care.

With a very active research platform HUG also performs training using two mannequins (a newborn and a child of 8 kg) packed with electronics reproducing complex care.


Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine

Enjoying a reputation for excellence and expertise in Sports Medicine (Label Swiss Olympic), HUG is the number one Center for Orthopedics and Trauma Care in Switzerland with 24% of stays at university hospitals.

For complex trauma care and major plastic surgery, it attracts patients from far away.

Skills in orthopedics, bone diseases and rheumatology are combined in research into osseointegration materials.

Link to the Musculoskeletal and Sports Center



With aging,epidemiological importance in neuroscience will grow. At HUG, care inNeurology, Neurosurgery and Neuro-Rehabilitationattracts many patients from outside Geneva.

In these areas and also in Neuropsychiatry,, output in research is significant and confirmed by receiving the NCCR (National Center of Competence in Research) "Affective Sciences".


Genetic Medicine

After establishing, in 2010, the first center for clinical expertise in Switzerland that's exclusively dedicated to trisomy, the Genetic Medicine Division - the largest in Switzerland and one of the largest in Europe with 65 staff members - is innovative with a "genome clinic".
The objective is to sequence all the DNA of some 100,000 individuals, an approach that places the Lake Geneva Region at the center of the medical revolution of the twenty-first century.



The Cancer Center combines several divisions and units. A Breast Center is dedicated to the detection and treatment of breast diseases. The opening of other centers for brain tumors, lung cancers and cancers of the digestive system is planned.

Link to the Cancer Center


Hepato-pancreatic diseases and diabetes

HUG is the top university hospital in Switzerland for liver and pancreas disorders.

At the University Center of French-speaking Switzerland for Transplant Surgery, they have exclusivity in French-speaking Switzerland for the liver (adults and children), pancreas andsmall intestine.

Link to the Center for Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Disorders


Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of hospitalization and death in our society, with serious socio-economic implications. Initiated by HUG and since deployed in all cardiology centers in Swiss universities, the ELIPS program aims to reduce the risk of relapse after a myocardial infarction.

Link to the Cardiovascular Center


Last update : 29/01/2019