Care quality and safety are our priorities. We also strive to provide our patients and their relatives with the most pleasant conditions for their admission and stay. The spirit of service at HUG is a series of "little pluses" that make going to the hospital easier for you.

Hospital Comfort

The needs and preferences of patients hospitalized at HUG are respected and fulfilled as best as possible. These services will be available via menus over the WiFi network, which is available free of charge, from the school to the hospital for sick children, the interpreting service for foreign-language patients or even the drop-in childcare center for visitors, without forgetting the HUG Chaplain, to cater to the spiritual needs of patients.

The mediation space in cases of conflict between HUG and patients, or to even help in drafting advance directives in certain divisions are also part of HUG's concern in supporting the patient in all aspects of their journey in connection with health problems.

HUG is also engaged in major projects designed to redefine the hospital of tomorrow (FR).

Information to Patients as Care Partners

Care services are encouraged to offer their patients relevant and accessible information documents. They are guided and supported in this high-quality brochure and video design work, in accordance with international standards in effect, by the patients and relatives information group (GIPP) that includes doctors, nurses and health communication specialists.
The documents produced are scientifically validated and tested with patients.

Welcome and Accommodation for Relatives

It means a lot to HUG that families can be with patients. Indeed, caring for patients, young and old, also means ensuring  the presence of their relatives by their side.

HUG is very sensitive to this, especially in pediatrics, where the experience of hospitalization, both for the child and their family, is proof that separation can make things more painful. In contrast, the comforting presence of parents promotes healing as it has been shown in several studies.

On May 3, 2011 HUG inaugurated a second Geneva Ronald McDonald House (FR), in partnership with the foundation of the same name. This "home away from home" has five comfortable rooms capable of accommodating four people each. The opening of this second house doubles the capacity and responds to a real need. About150 families are hosted each year to be close to their sick child.

In the same spirit and with the support of private donors, similar projects have been implemented in Maternity and  at Bellerive Hospital.

In Maternity, three hotel rooms close to the Neonatal Unit, eliminate the stress in mothers that would be created if there was a separation during the first hours of life.

At Bellerive Hospital,  where close to 750 patients each year stay in the Palliative Care Division,a studio welcomes relatives who wish to be present day and night with a loved one, and offers them a space to relax.