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Employees are the HUG's main asset. It is thanks to them that the hospital is able to fulfill its three missions: care, training and research. It is therefore essential for staff to enjoy their work and to feel good, both in their personal and professional lives.

For several years now, the HUG have been strengthening their commitment to this. In 2011, they carried out their first in-house survey to assess the level of satisfaction and motivation among employees, followed by a second one in 2014. This survey identified several areas for improvement and led to a series of concrete measures, which include the three examples below.

Redistribution of working hours

New possibilities are now open to employees who wish to reorganise their working hours. As a general rule, the HUG promote part-time and flexible hours. Since 2015, employees who wish to increase their free time can convert their annual bonus into days off, within a limit of 10 working days per year. Employees also have the opportunity to work from home if their job allows it, and with the consent of their superiors. For full-time employees however, telecommuting is limited to one day a week.

Childcare for sick children

The HUG have also set up a collaborative service with the Geneva Red Cross, designed to offer parents support if one of their children falls ill. All employees living in the Canton of Geneva have the opportunity to benefit from free childcare at home for their child aged 0 to 6 years, for a maximum period of three days.

Se délester de tâches domestiques

Lightening the domestic load

A concierge service was also established in 2013. This service aims to make employees' lives easier by relieving them of certain personal tasks, such as doing the laundry, the ironing, repairing clothes, or changing the tyres on their car. This very popular service has grown over time. 500 employees from all professions now use the concierge service, primarily for their laundry, collection of fruit and vegetable boxes, various seasonal benefits (gifts, Christmas trees, festive products) and sewing alterations.

8 out of 10 employees satisfied

The 2014 satisfaction survey showed that employees felt the steps taken to improve their welfare were positive. Eight out of ten employees felt their working conditions were either very good or pretty good. A vast majority expressed pride to be working for the HUG and were satisfied with their work schedules.

Always striving for better

The HUG intend to continue their efforts to improve working conditions. Now the focus is on local improvements, put forward by department heads based on suggestions from their subordinates. The best ideas were rewarded with a prize, awarded during the company's Managerial Creativity day. Finally, proving that employee satisfaction is now rooted in corporate culture, living well has become the theme of a day event, featuring conferences and workshops (back pain, relaxation, conflict management).

80 %

of employees felt their working conditions were either very good or pretty good in 2014

Last update : 27/04/2017