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Some circumstances in life - illness, pain, treatment or pregnancy - can prevent an employee from exercising their professional activity. Absence from work, especially over a long period, can become a source of anxiety and cause the person to fear for their future. Aware of this problem, the HUG have implemented several solutions to facilitate the return to work and/or continued employment of their employees.

Enhanced compatibility between health and work

The hospital has a fund in place, designed to finance measures in the event of a temporary health concern. This could involve shorter hours, a change to daily tasks, a temporary change of position, support from an interim, or another solution.In some cases, help like this can prevent a work stoppage. It is also useful for employees who want to return to work gradually after a prolonged absence. In 2015, the Fonds d’Aide au Maintien en Emploi (FAME) funded some 200 requests, for periods of one to three months.

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Supporting pregnancy

This type of arrangement is also offered to pregnant women. Since autumn 2014, the announcement of a pregnancy systematically triggers an assessment of the risks affecting the expectant mother in the workplace: moving heavy loads, handling toxic products, etc. Once again, solutions are put in place to allow the employee to continue her work, while respecting her safety and comfort. And to make sure that the birth of the baby doesn't undermine the professional commitment of either parent, the HUG offer nearly 170 places in nurseries located near the hospitals. These offer great flexibility in terms of timetables and childcare solutions.

Supporting career moves

The HUG make every effort to avoid the exclusion of employees whose health condition may mean they can no longer continue in their current occupation. They allocated a budget of one million Swiss francs to this cause in 2015, with the same amount committed in 2016. This mobility fund can finance additional training, professional reorientation, a change of workplace or an internship in another function. In 2015, 24 employees benefited from this measure.

Last update : 27/04/2017