Cutting Down on Everyday Pollution

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Fountains not bottles

More than a million bottles of still and sparkling water are consumed each year at the HUG. To reduce this amount, the hospital has decided to purchase water fountains that are connected to the Geneva network. Fifty of these have already been installed across various locations at the institution. The goal is to install 150 water fountains by 2019 in order to save 300,000 bottles per year. While this measure is of no economic benefit, it is in line with the institution's sustainable development objectives.

Protecting rivers and lakes

The HUG are also mindful of the quality of the water they release into the environment. In 2015, they conducted tests to quantify the drug residues found in hospital effluents. The study resulted in proposals for measures to be implemented so that the effluents are devoid of anything toxic.

More sorting and recycling

The HUG's activities generate more than 5200 tons of waste per year. The hospitals have adopted a strategy to reduce the quantity of this waste, while promoting sorting and recycling. To do this, efforts are being made at source, through a purchasing policy that prioritises products and materials with long life spans, that are recyclable and come with a minimum of packaging.

To optimize sorting, selective collection systems are continuously being improved. To avoid any waste, uneaten food is delivered to the organization Partage, which then distributes it to charities and to social services in the Canton of Geneva.

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of waste recycled


Last update : 26/04/2017