Projects and Processes Directorate

Mr. Gaëtan Tiger

Mr. Gaëtan Tiger
Director of Projects and Processes

The Projects and Processes Directorate (DPP) is an organization associated with the General Directorate. Its core tasks are to:

  • Provide steering and support in the management of institutional projects or processes;
  • Promote and professionalize the management of projects within the institution; bring methodological expertise to the table;
  • Report on major institutional projects to the Executive Committee (analyze and present challenges, prepare decisions and provide follow-up);
  • Coordinate project activities for the institution’s various project organizations (PMOs);
  • Establish and revise the mapping of key cross-disciplinary processes; monitor their optimization in partnership with their owners; bring methodological expertise across various components (modeling, dematerialization, risk management)

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Last update : 18/09/2019