Preparing for Hospital

Drop in beforehand!

As soon as you know the date of your admission to hospital, we advise you to drop in to our Admissions Office a few days in advance, if your state of health permits. This gives you a chance to complete the administrative formalities and save yourself the trouble on the day of your admission to hospital.


What you need to be registered for admission:

carré blanc the letter of referral from your doctor (HUG consultant or your general practitioner)

carré blanc insurance card or cover guarantee from your health insurance fund or insurance company

carré blanc an identity document (passport, identity card, family record book or residence permit for foreigners living in Switzerland)

carré blanc if admitted following an accident: the health insurer’s decision, quoting the claim number

carré blanc decision of the statutory Invalidity Insurance, if this is the reason for your admission to hospital

carré blanc a deposit or certification of deposit if you are not fully covered by a recognized insurer or your care is not covered under health insurance law.

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