An Object-Oriented Monte Carlo Simulator for 3D Cylindrical Positron Tomographs

H. Zaidi, AK. Hermann Scheurer, and C. Morel


Monte Carlo simulation is a very powerful tool in understanding performances of positron tomographs as well as in assessing image reconstruction algorithms and their implementaions. We present an object-oriented Monte Carlo simulator developed for 3D positron tomography. Results from phantom simulation studies including absorption and scattering of annihilation photons in the fielf-of-view are presented. Scatter fractions determined from these studies are in good agreement with measured scatter fractions published in the literature. Limitations and future prospects are discussed.

Key Words: Monte Carlo, PET, Scatter Simulation, Image Reconstruction, Object-oriented Programming.

Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine Volume 58, Issue 2 (1999) 133-145


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