Implementation of an Environment for Monte Carlo Simulation of Fully 3D Positron Tomography on a High-performance Parallel Platform

H. Zaidi, C. Labbe, and C. Morel


This paper describes the implementation of the Eidolon Monte Carlo program designed to simulate fully three-dimensional (3D) cylindrical positron tomographs on a MIMD parallel architecture. The original code was written in Objective-C and developed under the NeXTSTEP development environment. Different steps involved in porting the software on a parallel architecture based on PowerPC 604 processors running under AIX 4.1 are presented. Basic aspects and strategies of running Monte Carlo calculations on parallel computers are described. A linear decrease of the computing time was achieved with the number of computing nodes. The improved time performances resulting from parallelisation of the Monte Carlo calculations makes it an attractive tool for modelling photon transport in 3D positron tomography. The parallelisation paradigm used in this work is independent from the chosen parallel architecture.

Key Words: Monte Carlo, random numbers, PET, image reconstruction, parallel computer.

Parallel Computing 24 (9-10) (1998) 1523-1536


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