Development of an Object-Oriented Monte Carlo Simulator for 3D Positron Tomography

H Zaidi, AK Hermann Scheurer, and C Morel


Monte Carlo simulation of 3D PET data is a very powerful tool to check the performance of image reconstruction algorithms and their implementaions. Since it allows to obtain separate images of prompt and scattered events, it may help developing and evaluating 3D attenuation and scatter correction techniques. Furthernore, providing its design is easily extendible, it represents an efficient tool to study different 3D PET scanner configurations. we present an object-oriented, extendible design of a Monte Carlo simulator for 3D positron tomography. Preliminary results from phantom simulation studies including attenuation and scattering of the gamma rays in the fielf-of-view are presented and future prospects discussed.

Conf. Record 1997 International Meeting on Fully Three-dimensional Image Reconstruction in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Pittsburgh, USA 25-28 June 1997, pp 176-179.


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