Should You Have a Problem

Call the Children’s Hospital immediately if:

  • Your cast breaks, hurts or irritates your skin, smells bad or has become too big (the limb moves inside).
  • You can feel the cast pressing against a part of the limb, or a small object has become stuck in the cast.
  • You continue to experience strong pain even though you’ve raised the fractured limb (see drawing) and taken the prescribed painkillers.
  • You can’t move your fingers or toes anymore, or they prickle, are swollen, cold or blue or white (they should be pink-coloured).
  • You have a fever (+38.5 °C), feel shivery or sick to your stomach, have chest pain or are short of breath.

Who should you contact if you have a problem or in an emergency?

The plaster room, Monday to Friday, from 7.30 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Tél : 022 372 46 54
The Division of Pediatric Orthopaedics, open 24/7
Tél : 022 372 47 71

You can also go directly to pediatric emergencies, open 24/7, at 47 avenue de la Roseraie.

Practical advices

  • Protect your cast with a plastic bag when you shower.
  • Don’t take baths while you’re wearing the cast.
  • Wash the fingers and toes of the limb in the cast every day.
  • Don’t wear nail polish.
  • To dress, start with the cast.
  • To undress, end with the cast.


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Last update : 08/02/2019