Operations Directorate

Ms. Valérie Mégevand

Ms. Valérie Mégevand

The mission of the Operations Directorate is to:

  • establish and maintain ahigh quality of patient admission 
  • to manage flow in a cross-disciplinary manner, from a patient’s admission to their discharge from the hospital
  • guarantee a patient’s smooth journey while hospitalized and attend to any bottlenecks occurring within the facility
  • define rules and procedures with respect toplanning stays and managing transfers 
  • supervise the management of logistics chains providing support for clinical activities

The Operations Directorate consists of five entities:

  • management of patient flow (FR) brings together nurses assisting management of the Cluse-Roseraie site, from gynecology and obstetrics and from Trois-Chêne
  • admissions include admissions at the Cluse-Roseraie, Belle-Idée, Trois-Chêne and Loëx sites
  • operating theaters
  • the pharmacy (FR)
  • sterilization