Vision 20/20

Increasing our competitiveness

The HUG are recognized as one of the cornerstones of healthcare in the Lake Geneva region. However, this position is not a given, and their competitiveness needs to be constantly reinforced to be able to face current challenges. In particular, these challenges include the opening of inter-cantonal borders, which is increasing patient mobility, increasingly selective and competitive calls for services from non-university cantons, and a particularly high private insurance rate among Geneva's population, requiring an appropriate response. But that's not all.

Adapting to the growth and ageing of the population

As a central player in the public health system, the HUG must be prepared to adapt to population changes and anticipate their consequences. The population increase has an effect on the demand for care. From more acute somatic treatment - particularly in the oncology field - to more outpatient treatment, as well as more interventional medicine and the development of new treatments for all ages of life, there are many very complex issues that have to be addressed as part of requirements planning.

Making the hospital more patient-centred

At Geneva University Hospitals, our priority is the patient. Everything we do is for their health and well-being. The continuity of care before, during and after hospitalisation is paramount, which means creating optimal clinical routes, having effective management and decision-support tools, and continuously improving interdisciplinary collaboration. A more patient-centred hospital is also a hospital with shorter waiting times, especially in A&E, in a more pleasant setting.


People at the heart of all our challenges

L’humain au centre de tous nos défis

The environment in which the HUG carry out their work has a major influence on their strategy.

As a result, it is impossible to forego a thorough analysis of social, political and economic context.

The 20/20 Vision in brief

20/20 Vision, the Geneva University Hospitals’ (HUG) 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, is based on a broad participatory review carried out across the HUG.

The analysis of the general context in which the HUG carry out their work has helped to identify seven major challenges  that the hospitals will have to address over the next five years. To do this, the vision of the HUG for the next few years has been formulated as five strategic objectives: