Rapport Social Et Environnemental 2015

Promoting innovation

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The HUG pursue innovation, excellence and performance in all their fields of activity, whether it be clinical, research or teaching. They work to maintain and develop their national and international reputation, particularly in key cutting-edge fields.

For society

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Giving everyone access to high-level medical care

The HUG undertake to improve the quality of life of people everywhere, by increasing access to care and creating innovative solutions. In their desire to provide healthcare for all, they reach out to even the most disadvantaged populations, in Switzerland and abroad.

For the environment

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Protecting the planet and its resources

In 2009, the HUG were the first European university hospitals to perform an LCA. This approach, which they have since continued, allows the institution to measure the impact of its activities on the environment, identify key sources of pollution and energy consumption, and initiate the necessary actions for their reduction.

Work-life balance

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Employees are the HUG's main asset. It is thanks to them that the hospital is able to fulfill its three missions: care, training and research. It is therefore essential for staff to enjoy their work and to feel good, both in their personal and professional lives.