Rapport Activité 2015

Surgical activity

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In 2015, the growth in surgical activity, observed since 2011, slowed down (-0.3%), by reducing the patient base from the border. Of the 26,234 interventions carried out, 6905, or 26%, were in outpatient care.


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In 2015, the HUG controlled costs related to management, logistics and maintenance of property and equipment, absorbing fluctuations linked to hospital activity and the increase in services and equipment, while continuing efforts to manage and optimize energy consumption.


Human Resources

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As a leading economic player, Geneva University Hospitals employ 10,826 people, equivalent to 9207 full-time jobs. Seven in every ten employees are women. Four in ten employees work part time. In 2015, the HUG hired 907 people.


2016 a year for you

Cultural activities, information campaigns, visits and openings: a lot has happened over the past year. 

Lucas vous remercie d’avoir sauvé sa mamanLucas thanks you for saving his mum : this is one of the testimonials in the new HUG campaign designed to promote blood donation



Suicide Prevention

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Malatavie with Children Action

Created 20 years ago, after an unprecedented collaboration between the HUG and the foundation Children Action, our suicide prevention and treatment initiative is now called Malatavie. The new name is intended to increase the visibility of this crisis unit and make it easier for young people and those around them to remember. 


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An emergency response centre at the CERN

In May 2015, the HUG and CERN opened an emergency response centre on Swiss territory. The result of a collaboration carried out under the auspices of federal and Geneva authorities, it aims to improve safety on the sites of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research. 

Robotic surgery

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A new development with the latest Da Vinci

In western Switzerland, the first next-generation Da Vinci robot (Xi model) was installed at the HUG. Compared to the SI model, this robot provides many technical advances in terms of mobility and finesse of intervention.